Partnership USAMV – COTRUGLI Business School

    The leading business school in South-Eastern Europe, COTRUGLI Business School, is proud to announce partnership with USAMV Bucharest (University of Agronomic Studies and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest). The collaboration is aimed at expanding COTRUGLI presence in Romania and at the development of different educational projects. Cotrugli and USAMV will focus on finding means to facilitate access to MBA programs to young managers and specialists. COTRUGLI programs will be offered in USAMV campus as well as in COTRUGLI campuses in Zagreb and Belgrade. COTRUGLI Programs are regional/international, multiculturality being one of the school’s main advantages.


    Why MBA?

    MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a leading standard of business education in the world. The program is extremely important for anyone who understands the value of continuous investment in professional and personal development. An MBA is suitable for top experts, specialists and managers coming from all industries.

    COTRUGLI and USAMV will award, throught the year 2018, partial Scholarships for MBA and EMBA programs . Therefore, COTRUGLI and USAMV want to support ambitious individuals whom are aware that investment in knowledge and quality networking is necessary for career advancement. Programs are aimed at managers and specialists coming from all areas of business and from all industries. Only a small part of the participants in an MBA generation are economist. The other part is formed of engineers, IT specialists, chemists, biologists, etc. Partnership with USAMV comes to sustain the need for managerial education in all industries in order to raise performance and achieve high standard objectives.

    What many stand out as advantages of MBA programs are changing the way of thinking and the development of self-awareness, which are crucial to better decision-making and progress in career. Particularly important is the fact that MBA links practice and theory, one thing that is extremely useful for further development in the business world.


    Why Cotrugli and USAMV?

    USAMV is a prestigious institution founded 160 years ago, being the result of an academic, scientific and administrative process sustained by great experts. USAMV’s mission is to develop top specialists in the fundamental fields through education and research.

    COTRUGLI Business School is internationally recognized as the leading business school in South-Eastern Europe and an excellence center for business education. In line with it’s mission COTRUGLI “develops competitive managers, leaders capable to adapt to the changing environment, people who bring a positive contribution in their organizations and in society”.

    The partnership between COTRUGLI and USAMV will provide quality MBA programs and training to those interested. MBA programs benefit of the international recognized AMBA accreditation. AMBA offers an independent guarantee of the quality of MBA programs and represents the highest standard in post-university education of this type.


    Student profiles

    Our students have an average 5 years (MBA) and 15 years (EMBA) of work experience. Also, more than 70% of students are in managerial positions in larger or smaller organizations in the region. It is interesting that COTRUGLI has participants from 15 nationalities, of whom 39% are women. The average age of EMBA students in COTRUGLI Business School is 35 years, while the average age of MBA students is 30 years.

    Katarina Vladic Lazic, Executive Manager Cotrugli Serbia “Throughout 2018, COTRUGLI Business School and USAMV will continue awarding partial MBA Scholarships. This social responsibility project is in line with our mission of ‘encouraging leaders to continue their personal development, as well as the development of their organizations and society as a whole’. MBA programs are carried out according to the highest standards of business education in and are specifically designed for South Eastern Europe managers.”


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