"Frequently Asked Questions for International Students


    1) Where do I need to send my admission file?

    The admission documents should be submitted, by regular post or in person, to the International Relations Office (Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agronomice şi MedicinăVeterinară din Bucureşti, Bd. Mărăşti nr. 59, Sector 1, 011464, Bucureşti) according to the admission calendar updated each year.


    2) How can I apply for a study program taught in Romanian language?

    Most international students apply to programs available only in Romanian language. In this case, they first undergo one year preparatory course after which they start university studies.

    For those who wish to enroll in a Romanian-taught program, it is mandatory to provide a ROMANIAN LANGUAGE CERTIFICATE. If the candidate does not have this kind of document, he/she must obtain it following an exam. The persons proving that they have attended at least 4 years of study in Romanian language, do not need to pass this language exam. Otherwise, only after passing this language exam, the candidate shall be accepted into the first year of study.

    Also, if the candidate does not know Romanian, but wishes to enroll in a Romanian-taught program, he/she must attend the Preparatory Year for learning Romanian language.


    3) How can I apply for a study program taught in a foreign language? Do I need to pass a foreign language test?

    The admission for study programs in foreign languages is conducted according to the methodologies developed by the Ministry of National Education (updated periodically!). The admission is conditioned upon the promotion of a linguistic test, except people from countries where the official language state is in the language courses to be carried out, respectively English or French, and prove with documents that have attended school in that language.


    4) Which are the first steps when I come to the University?

    Students from an European country- Please find the attached link below: ...UE admission

    Students from a non-European country- Please find the attached link below: ...Non-UE admission


    5) What shall I do if I am an European citizen and I have a diploma obtained in an European country?

    The citizens of the European Union, of the Swiss Confederation and of the EEA countries, who have a diploma obtained in an EU country other than Romania need to have their diploma validated by the National Centre for Degree Assessment and Academic Recognition (CNRED) of the Romanian Ministry of Education.


    6) What shall I do after receiving the Letter of Acceptance to studies?

    If admitted to study in Romania, after receiving the Letter of Acceptance, the candidate must contact the closest Romanian Embassy and ask for information concerning the study visa application. The visa application is a personal approach and the university is not in the position to interfere in the process. In case the visa application includes some documents issued by the university, the candidate must require specifically those documents.


    7) What shall I do for the enrollment at the faculty?

    For enrollment at the faculty, the student must submit the original study documents and the proof of tuition fees payment for the first academic year.


    8) Can I ask for accommodation in campus?

    The answer is positive, any student enrolled at USAMV shall ask for accommodation in the campus. Our university offers international students both the necessary adequate infrastructure for education and research, fully equipped laboratories and scientific research stations, as well as great opportunities for spending spare time. The university has 2 modern campuses, Agronomie-Herăstrău and Medicină Veterinară Cotroceni, with many facilities ranging from experimental fields to student amenities (11 dormitories, canteens, a Sports Complex, a Student Cultural Center, a Counseling and Career Guidance Center etc.).