NARBAC 20018 - second circular




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    The following is a selection of topics for which the Scientific and Programme Committee of NARBAC 2018 is particularly seeking contributions:

    • changes in quaternary sediments based on paleoenvironmental data;
    • changes in water, soil, biological and mineral resources;
    • past record and analysis of current human economic activity in the natural environment;
    • methods of past changes testing and forecasting;
    • emission of pollutants into selected environmental compartments;
    • climate and water policy - reduction and adaptation measures;
    • changes in agricultural production conditions;
    • trends in biodiversity change in different border ecosystems;
    • development of tourism (geotourism) and recreation;
    • the impact of global changes on the sector economy: forestry, energy,
    • transport, agriculture, spatial management and urban areas;
    • sustainable regional and local development taking into account climate change;
    • the functioning of protected areas under conditions of climatic instability.


    Conference languages:

    • polish
    • english
    • ukrainian
    • russian
    • presentation slides and posters obligatory in english


    Informations for Speakers:

    • Oral presentation: 15 min. + 5 min. discussion
    • Short oral presentation: 10 min. + 5 min. discussion
    • Poster: 5 min. + discussion
    • Place and date of the conference:
    • Słupsk – Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Słowiańska Street 8, Smołdzino – headquarters of the Słowiński National Park


    Date: 25th–28th of September, 2018

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